Chrysler / Disney Pixar - Toy Story 4

Produced by Spinifex, we are proud to have worked together with Disney / Pixar for the Toy Story 4 -Chrysler Pacifica campaign. We developed a pipeline with Pixar allowing for the proper sharing of 3D assets for rendering and lighting. Pixar of course handled the character animation. Dark Matter FX developed the lighting, car interiors and compositing of all elements together into one cohesive piece.

2018 VIZIO P-Series Quantum 4K HDR Smart TV

Chris Brown - Heartbreak on a Full Moon -  Tour Visuals

Working with live event production company Nimblist, Dark Matter FX was brought on to deliver a stunning visual effects sequence across 13 different led screens for Chris Browns 2018 summer tour. Directed by Mat Fuller, this sequence involved an underwater shoot day in a 250,000 gallon tank, as well as a soundstage shoot for green screen wire work and other visual elements used for the tour package. In this sequence Chris Brown jumps from the live stage  into the video world of the on stage set. All of these elements combine to create a stunning visual sequence. We highly recommend watching this one full screen. Depending on your browser you may need to click through to Vimeo in order to watch full screen.

Chrysler / Disney Pixar - Incredibles 2

Working with Spinifex Group we are proud to have worked on Chrysler's "Incredibles 2" campaign. Pixar of course delivered their beautiful and unparalleled animations and Dark Matter delivered the renderings of the Chrysler Pacifica.