Mat Fuller

Founder / Creative Director

Mat Fuller is an Emmy nominated VFX Artist who has also worked as an on-set Visual Effects Supervisor, Director, Designer and Creative Director since 2001. 

The Internet Movie Database lists some of his visual effects and post-production work:


Sean Hooper

VFX Supervisor

With a background in Fine Arts and over 15 years experience in Visual Effects for Advertising, Movies, TV, Interactive and Experiential, Sean Hooper has become an essential component of creating photo real imagery across all platforms.

The Internet Movie Database lists some of his visual effects and post-production work:


Courtney Fuller


With over 17 years of managing projects, Courtney enjoys working closely with production teams and clients alike to produce high quality, innovative work.

From initial concept to final delivery, she is deeply involved in the process and guides collaborations between agency, editorial, and production company partners to ensure a cohesive creative vision.


Hagen Gilbert

CG Supervisor

Using his passion for art and attention to detail, Hagen Gilbert brings 10+ years of  visual effects experience to Dark Matter FX. 

Hagen has been responsible for bringing brand content to life for clients such as Volvo, Nissan, Dodge and Vizio. As well as contributing to the Emmy nominated series Cosmos and feature films.


Eric Hagood

Director of Photography / Editor

Based in Los Angeles, Eric has lent his eye to clients such as RAM, MotorTrend, Dairy Queen, The Lopez Show, Microsoft, and more. Whether it's broadcast commercials, On Demand digital series, or branded online content, Eric brings a fresh approach and artistic eye to every project.


Jess Bryden

Art Director / VFX Artist / Editor

1978-2019. Jess sadly lost his battle with cancer this past winter. Dark Matter FX would have never existed without him. We will never forget his artistry, kindness and larger than life personality.

The Internet Movie Database lists some of his visual effects and post-production work:


Pascal Combes-Knoke

Director of Photography

Pascal is an award-winning Director of Photography who has shot music videos with over one billion cumulative views.  Artists include Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Migos, Future and many more.


Fred Ross

VFX Artist / Swiss Army Knife

Fred has worked as a Creative Director, designer, compositor, VFX artist, 3D generalist, and colorist. His resume includes work on commercials, VR, AR, events, feature films, rides, and shorts.

His “just because you can doesn't mean you should" approach to post production keeps the rest of us in check.